Maine Family Photographer (twinkle)

Today was "early bird" in town. Now if you are from the immediate area you know exactly what that "sentence" means, if you aren't from the immediate area you are probably beginning to question my already questionable writing skills.

Either way for me that meant I got up well before the crack of dawn and headed to town to pass out muffins and coupons for the Twinkle Sessions I was holding today in the Narragansett building on Main St.

Now I could go into a big long explanation of what exactly a Twinkle Session is or I could just show you.. I think the photos do a much better job than a whole string of words ever could. :)

I was lucky enough to have an old friend from high school and her family book a session. Lucky because I got to see Molly again and I got to meet her husband and her adorable little girl!
I think this screams holiday card! But I also think it would look great hung up on their wall. <3

Emma was sweet and fun and I think she might have enjoyed being in front of the lens. :)

And I think these two photos show you exactly why they are called Twinkle Sessions.

So there you have it.. the Twinkle Sessions.
Two backgrounds, one for families, one for one or two kiddos, super cute photos of your family!  How can you get your own Twinkle session? Come see us, Suite 1 in the Narragansett Leather building, Main St. Damariscotta, tomorrow.. easy as that!

How much you ask? 75.00... yup that's it! AND you get an 8x10, 2- 5x7's and a digital file for your holiday cards!

Email me tonight to secure your spot OR just drop by and we'll get you in as soon as we can! :)


xoxo liz