Maine Senior Photographer {marcus}

I know I said the last senior was my last one this year but I changed my mind. So with only 2 weeks left until the deadline for the yearbook I squeezed Marcus in. We met last Thursday on what was the beginning of a streak of gorgeous fall weather, even right on the water it was a bit chilly but nothing like you would expect for November in Maine.

Marcus chose to have his photos done right in his hometown(at my and I think his Mum's urging), one of my favorite places to take photos. He came ready to smile and get this thing done, like most boys do. Girls come for the whole experience, they want a nice long session with lots of scenery changes and clothing changes and I love that! But I also love that boys come ready to smile and get down to business and are hoping to be done just as fast as possible. LOL

We started on the deck of a house Marcus's Dad caretakes for. The deck is ON the water and the sun was starting to set... my favorite time to shoot. :)

From here we headed across the road onto the docks for a little local color... I always appreciate urban shots but they just aren't me. I think this is a good mix though and is totally my thing! I love the bait barrels and styrofoam floats and shrinkwrapped boat in the background.
Marcus told me he is hoping to either go into the Coast Guard or go to Maine Maritime Academy. I am always impressed when a kid(almost adult, but still) knows exactly what they want to do and has a plan to get there.
I hear rumor that this swing bridge is set to be replaced so we made sure to feature it in a few photos and seeing as how his Dad is the operator of the bridge how could we not?! You can see, even in the photos, how run down it is getting and not due to neglect but simply because of age and use, lots and lots of use.

Finally the fog started to roll in a bit and cover the sun and I found the perfect rock wall for one last set of photos. This is my favorite of the day.

I actually did take a few of Marcus and his sister right here as well and I will have to share them soon because they are just some super fun sibling pictures.
Marcus thanks for being so easy going and up for anything.
Samantha thank you for finding me and asking me to take his senior photos!