Maine Pet Photographer {love thy name is dog}

I have always lived with dogs I was brought home from the hospital to a home with a dog, many dogs came and went through my childhood, some stayed with us for their lifetime some were with us for only a few years, ALL left me with a love of dogs.

I cannot imagine a life without dogs, when I went to college and stayed in a dorm not having a dog to snuggle at night was probably the hardest thing to get used to. When I moved out of my parent's home and into my own the first thing I did was go out and get a dog, it was a need, I could no more have made a home without a dog than I could have without furniture or dishes. That was it get furniture, get dishes, get a dog.. ahhhh, home complete.

Dogs are all the best of us in one compact(or not so compact as the case may be) package. They can teach us how to live a life that is simple and meaningful and exactly what we were intended to be.   I wish I was more like my dogs, they forgive with the wag of a tail, they love with no bounds, they play with wild abandon, they don't care if they look silly or someone might think they are ugly or too fat or not good enough or .......... or....... or......... , they can find hours of entertainment outside chewing on sticks and letting the wind blow in their face, they are happy with whatever they are given, they simply love life and the people and creatures in it. 

All dogs are love in the form of a warm body to snuggle and pat and take care of and bring solace when you are sad and to celebrate with you when you are happy and to be there in your life as the exact thing that you need at that very moment. LOVE.

xoxo Liz