Maine Children's Photographer {gavin}

He's not featured here on the blog all that often.. mostly because he's 14 and not really all that into having his Mum take his picture. I try... I do but I usually end up with pictures of him with his eyes closed or making a really strange face, so I keep them in my Mummy file and move on.

This past fall I convinced my kids to model for a group of photographers. We met various ways.. some from childhood, some from our kids going to school together, some from workshops attended together and then we all came together over our love of photography. Anyway I convince Gavin to model for us... not that it took much convincing because he was all for mugging for other people's cameras!

So meet Gavin at 14.

He is stubborn.... very stubborn. He could drive a buddihist monk to the edge of sanity. Like a mule that one. He argues semantics on a regular basis, you could say the sky is blue and he would make a strong case that in fact on that particular day the sky was grey so your statement was false. You must be very literal when talking to this child.. one misspoken word will take you off on a pulling your hair out journey so far from your original topic that you will wonder just exactly where you were going with your line of thinking to begin with. He will probably be a lawyer or a politician when he is older.

He is random. We will all be talking about world politics and he'll break out with "peanut butter is NOT gross" and we are all like ???????? huh? He definitely thinks differently than the rest of us.. maybe he'll find the cure for the common cold, it wouldn't surprise me.

He likes Cake, not the food(well he likes that too), but the band.

He likes to study WWII, he reads anything he can get his hands on about that period in history.

He prefers comic books..errr.. graphic novels to any other type of literature.

Did I mention he's stubborn?

He hates peas... with a passion but loves broccoli and brussel sprouts, go figure.

He loves animals.... dogs, chickens, birds of all kinds. At one time he wanted to be a vet but I think that he has decided that is not such a great idea.. you do afterall have to put animals down when you are a vet.

He has a big heart and wears his emotions on his sleeve.

Gavin at 14. We hope we can get him to 15. :)