Maine Wedding Photographer {kids are fun}

Phewwww it's been awhile since I opened up the ol' blog... as always things get a bit hectic this time of year, from January to April kids activities are in full swing and I'm generally scrambling to get business paperwork in order( I am SO bad at paperwork!) and all that running around and paperwork scrambling leaves me just feeling BLAH creatively. That plus the weather really gets me down man, I need a little sun and warmth and green in my life to feel alive.

BUT the paperwork is DONE and the kids activites are.. well they are still in full swing.. and the sun has been gracing us with it's presence, my bulbs are pushing up through the ground and the snow is GONE! I am rejuvenated!

So what have I been up to? besides kids and paperwork and feeling sorry for myself for living in a northern clime? Organizing my photos... or more precisely my photos I have taken for you! Getting ready to update the website and open a new website just for my lovely brides and their handsome grooms and plotting long drawn out blog posts such as this <insert evil laugh here bwahahahaha>.


Today being a bit dreary I thought we could all use a little pick me up, a smile never fails to make a day seem just a bit brighter and what better way to bring a smile to your face than kids. Kids in weddings to be exact.

There are the traditional ring bearer and flower girl photos... which are always adorable, but especially so when they are so unsure of what they are supposed to do.

Those same little ones before the ceremony, hamming it up for the camera. And yes that shy little toe in the ground head down pose by the flower girl was totally put on, she was a total ham!

No wedding with kids would be complete without seeing this at least once. xoxo

There is always dancing and if there are kids at the reception they are always the first ones on the floor.

You might remember these kids from Justin and Juliet's wedding day, you may also remember I did a whole post about how brides and grooms prepare for the day and how very different that is. WELL boys and girls differ in another way... I think I'll just let the photos speak for themselves.

Speaking of dancing, I love it when Daddys dance with their daughters. Just look at Miss E's face looking up at her Daddy *swoon* <3

And this was one of the cutest first dance moments EVER!

and there's still more.... I'll share those tomorrow. :)