Maine Senior Photographer {way too fast}

Stick with me here it might get a bit sappy or maybe even maudlin, you can't blame me though this past weekend my eldest went to his first prom... seriously? prom? When the heck did that happen? I still get carded to buy alcohol, it simply isn't possible I have a son old enough to take his girlfriend to the prom.

I know everyone always says it, but it is SO VERY TRUE, they grow up way too fast. One minute you are driving  them to preschool and the next you are driving them to a friends house so they can all go to prom. I know if you have little ones at home you have likely said at one point or another ' I can't wait for them to *insert next big milestone here*'... let me just say, don't wish it away because the next thing you know you will be staring down the barrel of their senior year, the last year they will fully live at home and you will not know where the time went. 

I am constantly surprised by the fact that Grady will be a senior next year, or that Gavin will be starting his freshman year or that Lilia will be an 8th grader. Next year will be hard and fun and amazing and I plan to soak up every last bit of it before our whole family dynamic changes and we begin the journey into the next stage of parenthood. There will be no wishing away the time for this Mummy, not next year or the year after... never again... it goes way too fast.


xoxo ~Liz~