Mid Coast Maine Family Photographer {one fun family}

Carrie and I went to high school together, I believe that was just last year, right Carrie? We hadn't seen each other since graduation except for one brief encounter a couple of years ago at a mutual friends party, enter facebook.. ahhh facebook how I love thee.. and there she was! She contacted me to do photos of her family for her Dad's birthday, and I of course was all for it!

Carrie and her family decided to start out at the lighthouse...a very good place to start(name that movie) :D

Can I just say I don't believe Carrie has changed one bit since high school..perhaps her hair is a bit different but still the same funny girl with a great smile and just an all around nice lady(well lady might be stretching it a bit but you get the picture.. hehehe I kid, I kid). I think she married an equally funny guy with an equally great smile.

Trying to get a perfect family shot I asked them all to climb up on an outcropping, something I have done before so really didn't think twice about it.. turns out Irene maybe wasn't so sure about it. I felt like a total heel for asking her to get up there without first checking to make sure no one was afraid of heights. But she pushed through for the perfect family photo.... that is one dedicated Mum and wife! I think she gets the MVP award for that act of bravery. :)

If you are at 'the lighthouse' you must get the obligatory lighthouse photo... and well it never fails disappoint.

From here the family had decided to head to 'the fort' for a few more photos, yet another fantastic spot for photos. While we were there I couldn't help but grab a photo or two of H and C... I mean how could I not? Just look at these two!

C on top of the fort checking out the view finder thingy, what exactly are those things called?

H just hanging out being fabulous.. you know just a regular day in the life.

If I hadn't already figured it out I knew for sure these guys were a fun family when Carrie dragged out a ball of ties and had everyone pick one out to wear for a photo.. it seems Joel(hah I got it right!) is quite the tie aficionado. Oh and Jennie and Sara's two little dogs, Oscar and Caesar, got to join the photo as well.

Speaking of Oscar and Caesar if you are not my friend on facebook you should be just so you can see the absolutely best photo of Paul with these two little cuties.. I promise it will be well worth it. :D

Thank you so much to Carrie, Tim(Jim hehe), Irene, Joel, H, Sara, Jennie, C, Oscar and Caesar... we had a great time with you all!

xoxo Liz

P.S. Carrie did you know the word "gawmy" is actually spelled "gormy" but we never heard it any other way so always thought it was pronounced "gawmy"... sad but true.