Maine Family Photographer {my three}

Every year about this time of year it seems there is some event that we all must go to and dress up a bit for and every year I try to get photos of the kids all together. This year it was Gavin's 8th grade graduation. As usual I trotted them all out a few minutes before we had to leave and told them to "go stand over there and act like you like each other" "oh, and get close!"

EVERY. YEAR. this is what ensues(or some close approximation of this).

In which they pretend they didn't hear my last instruction and carefully measure their 'personal bubble'. Directly after this they did the wave*palm slap to forehead*

In which they deliberately misunderstand my last direction and get VERY close.

In which Lilia and Gavin reenact 'da plane, da plane' while Grady stands alone pretending he doesn't know these people.

Directly after this shot Lilia licked Gavin's face *double palm to forehead slap*

And it went downhill from there with running through the grass and grass stains on freshly laundered and pressed khakis, and emergency stain busting(thank you Tide To Go pen).

Before it was all over I did manage to get a few photos of the grad... most of them his super model poses though, and he would likely never speak to me again if i posted those on my blog so instead I give you the famous "really lady hurry up and take the picture already, you are starting to really make me angry" Gavin face. :P


xoxo mummy  {AKA liz}