Kennebunkport Maine Wedding Photographer {ceremony}

As promised the next installment of Joe and Allison's wedding!

They got ready in typical bride and groom style, with Allison being pampered and having her hair and makeup done and taking hours to get prepared and Joe throwing on his tux and being totally ready to go in 10 minutes max. Either way they both looked stunning( can you call a guy stunning? perhaps dapper is a better word for Joe).

I LOVE this photo of Allison and her Mum, the anticipation and excitment and love is so clearly written all over their faces.
I was totally into the suspenders.. they added just that extra touch that made the tux absolutely perfect.

While Allison was still having the finishing touches done to her hair and getting her dress on, Joe and his groomsmen were just hanging out being amazing.


Meanwhile Allison was on her way, she walked the short distance from the cottage where she was getting ready to the ceremony site.

Have I mentioned how much I love her dress? Oh I did? Well I'm going to say it again... this dress is gorgeous!

And while Allison waited here to walk down the aisle...

...Joe was here waiting for his first glimpse of Allison, back turned to the entry way until the exact right moment.

and then they did this!

xoxo Liz

Coming up next... the final installment of Allison and Joe's wedding {the reception} you don't want to miss this it involves the reveal of the tent, cornhole, croquet and some great wedding dancing!