Maine Childrens Photographer {fields of gold}

See the children run as the sun goes down

As you lie in fields of gold


I took Lilia and her friend out to our very own "field of gold" for a photo shoot in the gorgeous early evening summer light.

They are both beautiful girls who are very obviously growing up  but at the same time still hold that little girlness about them.... I had to capture that before it's all too soon gone.

They alternated between being silly and uncomfortable in front of the camera... amazing models, with grace and poise and simple perfectness.

If you know me at all you know that I LOVE summer.. everything about it.. the smells, the heat(yes even the heat), the long days and warm nights and the light.... the beautiful, golden, soft light.

I think I'll just let the rest of the images tell the story, they do it so much better that I. :)

If you would like your own "fields of gold" photo shoot for your family, or child(ren) call me today to schedule your session, summer like children is only here for a very short time, capture the moment before it's gone.

xoxo liz