Maine Senior Photographer {class of 2012}

It's that time of year, the new class of 2012 is gearing up for their Senior year and part of that is getting your Senior Photos done!

Yesterday I met with Ryan and his Mom and sister(you might remember her from last year and her session with the pigs hehe) we even met at the same spot as we did for Alyssa's photos.

Ryan was not quite as enthused as his sister had been to have his photos taken but he was a good sport and did everything I asked. :)

Like when I said "go sit on that old trailer right in front of the old boat" I am sure he was thinking I really don't want that old boat in my pictures but he did it.

Or when I told him "climb down there to the stream then walk until you can't walk anymore" I did throw in a "be careful" too... and down he climbed and walk he did until he could walk no more.

There was another important member of the family there as well, Abby, she has just had her summer haircut and is looking extra cute and snuggly.

Isn't there just something about a boy and his dog that just tugs at your heartstrings? <3

While we were there we decided a few photos of Mom, Alyssa and Ryan were in order and while I got lots of more traditional photos, I just LOVED this one. It's easy to see where Ryan and Alyssa got there gorgeous smiles from!

Ryan, thank you so much for coming out and trusting me with your Senior photos, it was great to meet you!

xoxo Liz