Maine Senior Photographer {alex}

So you might have guessed by now that senior season is in full swing! Thursday night I met with Alex and her lovely grandmother Glenda for Alex's senior portraits. They traveled down Route One in midday traffic to get to Damariscotta where we decided to meet up...that's two brave ladies right there!
We decided(and by we I mean me because they left it up to me to show them around..wheeeee!) to start at the Damariscotta River Association, it is probably my most favorite place to shoot. EVER. I love the sweeping views of the river, the beautiful little swampy pond, the rolling fields and the light.. seriously the light is perfection there.

Alex is such a sweet girl with a thousand watt smile, heck even her I am SO sick of smiling smile is simply stunning.

I loved watching the relationship between her grandmother and Alex... Glenda knew just what to say to get Alex to smile or glare, LOL but always there was the undercurrent of love and respect between them.

The photo in the field Glenda told Alex to "give it some sass!" ha! LOVE it!

Besides the thousand watt smile Alex has these amazing blue eyes that actually seem to twinkle when she smiles. Lucky girl!

After we left the DRA we decided to head downtown, there were a few spots there I wanted to try out and a few we maybe had to forge our own path to get to but it was all totally worth it!

Alex was totally stopping traffic here...
I can see why.

I saw this gorgeous plant and just knew it would look fabulous with Alex's hair.. thanks to the Weatherbird for planting it. :)

We ended the session on the docks with the sun setting across the river and Alex still being totally amazing!

Thank You Alex for trusting me and my vision, even when it meant being totally uncomfortable and blinded it was all SO worth it. :)

And Thank You Glenda for sharing Alex with us for the afternoon and playing skidder to get us where I wanted to go. :)


xoxo ~liz