Maine Senior Photographer {emily}

The last of this weeks seniors ended with a beautiful session at sunset on the water... it just doesn't get better than that.
Emily is another of Grady's classmates that he has gone to school with since first grade. Grady and Emily always had a great friendship and I am so happy that he has had her in his life. *sigh* This taking photos of all his classmates is so much fun but SO sad for me at the same time. I am so proud of all these kids and know they will all go on to do great things with their lives.

Yeah, yeah I know enough of that sappy stuff....onto the gorgeousness that is Emily!

We started out at the docks right down the road from her house where Emily turned on the fabulous right off the bat... this was the very first photo I took.

From here we headed to Kresge's Point for a few photos on the water and rocks and so we could catch the amazing sunset.
Could she get any more beautiful? I thought she looked like a mermaid basking in the sun.

My seniors are the best, the always do what I ask even when it means scaling rocks or climbing into bug infested fields, they just do it, and I am so thankful because if they didnt' I couldn't get images like this!

The colors from the setting sun bouncing off the rocks and Emily and shining in her hair were simply amazing...... amazing!

From the beginning of this session to the end we lucked out with beautiful light, a beautiful sunset, an absolutely gorgeous full moon, perfect weather and then this......
I saw this truck sitting in the parking lot and saw who I thought were the owners walking towards us so I gathered my courage and asked if we could possibly use their truck for a couple of shots. They were SO incredibly nice and gracious and allowed us to take a few shots... THANK YOU both so much!

As we were leaving we turned the corner as saw the most amazing full moon and gorgeous twilight sky so we stopped for just a few more photos.
I don't even have words... Emily you are awesome!

Thank You Emily for coming out with us and smiling through the blinding light and scaling large rocks and just being you!

Thank You Julie and Bill for trusting us with your daughter and her senior photos and for raising a totally amazing kid.

xoxo ~liz