Maine Senior Photographer {chelsey}

I photographed Chelsey 3 years ago when I first started my photography business. She was just entering her freshman year of high school as was Grady. Chelsey's mom and I were talking about classes and realized they had English together and we laughed and said wouldn't it be funny if they started dating... haha! Well here we are 3 years later and Grady and Chelsey have been dating for a little over 2 years now, they say mothers always know but I didn't know we also were clairvoyent. LOL

Chelsey met us at our house and we headed out for her photos. She had no idea where she wanted to go so we started out at Kresgies... because..... well because why not? It is a such a gorgeous place and with the late afternoon sun setting over the water it made it just that much more gorgeous.

Grady came along with us as well... and acted as both clown and annoying boyfriend(mostly annoying boyfriend)..either way it worked, he got Chelsey to smile.

Before her session Chelsey had her hair done by the fabulous Natasha Neal.. she and I have paired up to offer seniors or anyone some gorgeous styling before your session. If you are interested in having Natasha make you even more beautiful before your session simply let me know and I'll get Natasha in contact with you! I simply LOVE what Natasha did with Chelsey's hair, it was simple and feminine and just plain beautiful!

I might be partial but I think she looks like Drew Barrymore.

Grady says I am the best at getting people into awkward, uncomfortable positions... I say 'hey, they look good'!
When we left Kresgies we headed over to Little Beach but it was packed, stupid nice weather! So we went over to the fort beach instead and I'm glad we did!
I made Grady bring his guitar with him so I could snag a few photos of him and Chelsey with it, because it has become almost as big a part of his life as she has. :P
*please ignore his fluffy hair, he is in desperate need of a haircut*
On our way to our first stop we passed an ice cream stand and Grady said we should stop and get ice cream on our way home and I hear Chelsey whisper "yes! ice cream, ice cream, ice cream!!!" SO we stopped, but before I let them get ice cream I got a few photos, of course!

Thank you to Melanie for trusting me with Chelsey's senior photos.
And thank you to Chelsey for being such a good sport and twisting and contorting yourself in ways you probably never thought possible or heck ever thought. :)

xoxo ~liz