Central Maine Senior Photographer {ruby}

Last night Paul and I traveled to central Maine to photograph a very special senior, our niece Ruby! I remember when we found out Kate was going to have a baby, I remember the night Ruby was born.. all rosie cheeked and chubby, I remember her intense hatred of all things Grady(they are only 4 months apart.. Ruby's older), I remember her growing up but I don't remember where all that time went. How did we go from that midnight ride to the hospital the night she was born to the beginning of her senior year?

We spent the first half of the evening photographing Ruby and the second half(more like two thirds) enjoying dinner and conversation... Thanks Kate!
We told stories about when the kids were little and the time I scarred Ruby for life..it wasn't too bad considering she doesn't remember it, I won't tell you all about it since it could be potentially embarassing to Ruby... well... and me *hangs head in shame*
We retold favorite family stories, mostly about scaring the crud out of each other. We laughed and just had a great time catching up.


Ok on to the photos.

Ruby has a naughty feisty horse named Archer...

...he loves Ruby and I'm pretty sure the feeling is mutual.

Archer really is a good boy, he's just is a one person kinda guy.

Ruby really does not like having her photo taken, hence I have NO photos of her from the time she was 3 maybe 4, to now.

But now I have lots! bwahahahahahaha
Uncle Paul making her laugh, he's good for that!

Hey Ruby you should totally let me take more photos when you're around :)
We ended our session at a little graveyard just up the road because ... well because that's so Ruby.

Congratulations Ruby! And thanks for letting me take your photos. :)

xoxo liz