Maine Senior Photographer {isabel}

I have said it before and will likely say it many more times but I am SO lucky, I get the best clients anyone could hope for! Isabel is no different, sweet, beautiful, willing to do whatever I asked and a beautiful wardrobe of clothes to choose from.
Isabel was a bit nervous about her shoot but let me tell you she had nothing to be nervous about!

Just see for yourself....

Yup, nothing to worry about!
Isabel and Grady have known each other since the summer before their freshman year, it has been such a pleasure to see her grow up and become such a lovely young lady(even if it was only through a few glimpses each summer).
I never know how to put into words the experience of watching a child go from early teen to late teen. You don't want to offend them by saying how childlike they were as a young teen, but they are so very young at 13/14 years of age and THEN they are 17/18 in the blink of an eye and they have gone from that not quite adult/ not quite child to young adult and they have matured so much. Isabel is no exception... because we only see her a few times each summer(she lives in another state) I think the changes seem even more pronounced. She has just become such a beautiful young woman.

Isabel simply just rocked out on this session, nerves shmerves, she was amazing!
I love when the light and the subject and the click of the shutter all come together at exactly the right moment to capture images like this...
Isabel thank you so much for trusting us with your senior portraits, and thank you for trusting my direction and climbing around all over the place to get just the right light, you were amazing!

Ellen thank you for lending us Isabel for a couple hours, she is a delightful young lady.

xoxo ~liz