Maine Senior Photographer {lexie}

I remember meeting Lexie when she was a freshman and I was subbing at LA.. she was shy and sweet and VERY quiet. :) Every time I saw her in the halls after that she always smiled and said "Hi Mrs. Hayford" she was definitely one of the kids that made an impression on me. :)

All that to say while Lexie is all those things mentioned above she showed me another side at her session last night...spunky, outgoing and and even a little bit silly, it was great to see her more relaxed.

We started out at Kresge's Point... quickly becoming a favorite for seniors. Lexie had lots of idea of what she wanted and definite favorite outfits, I have to agree I LOVE the yellow dress.

When we left Kresge's we went to The Fort... another favorite for photos, lots of great scenery and this fantastic door!

I LOVE Lexie's smile... totally lights up a room or the outdoors... wherever she may be.

As always as the session neared it's end the light was fabulous!

Lexie brought her lacrosse stick and her prom dress(that just happen to match) and wanted a picture of both at the same time.... I thought it was an excellent idea!

I know I mentioned the smile but check out those eyes! Gorgeous!!!
Lexie I had a great time with you getting to know another side of you outside of school! And thank you so much for allowing me to take your senior portraits.

Krista thank you for lending me your daughter for the evening. Paul and I had a great time catching up, let's hope it's not another 20 some odd years before we see each other again.

xoxo ~liz