Maine Senior Photographer {josh}

Paul and I.....

can I take a moment here to say a huge Thank You to my husband for allowing me to start off my posts with 'Paul and I'. He comes with me on almost every shoot, he carries my bags and hands me cameras and puts up with my Ms. Bossypants attitude with a smile on his face. I am so very grateful for his help and support and him. Ok so where was I?

Ahhh yes....

Paul and I met up with Josh and his Mum at 'The Campground'... yes there are other campgrounds in the area but when you live around here you know just exactly what someone means when they say "the campground", such are the little pleasures of living in a small town. :)

Josh works at the campground during the summer and his family stays there on off throughout the season so it was the perfect place for his senior photos.

I think Josh might have been a bit apprehensive about his shoot but he had nothing to be worried about.  He picked a great location and was a natural in front of the camera!
Who plays soccer? Josh does. I am told he's a pretty great player... his license plate says Mess18, I asked him why thinking he was a messy kid or something, he simply said "soccer"... I stared back with a blank look and a *blink*blink* , he smiled a patronizing smile that said 'oh you poor uneducated woman' and then proceeded to inform that Messi is the last name of a professional soccer player and that is what he goes by with everyone but apparently me and his girlfriend. 

He kept me laughing through our entire shoot, some of his idea for photos were hilarious but totally NOT doable. Instead we used a few more traditional poses... you know ones he can actually use as a yearbook photo or his Mum will be able to hang on their walls. :)
Grady and Josh have been friends since Freshman year but it was great to hang out with him a bit yesterday and get to know him even better. I love a kid who will carry his Mum's pink and blue quilted pocketbook without so much as a sigh ... that's when you know you're dealing with a good kid! And yes I have photographic evidence but I thought I would play nice and not post it here... facebook however is totally a possibility. *snicker*

Thank You Josh for being so easy to shoot, a target that stands still makes my job that much easier :)

Thank You Melissa for trusting me with Josh's photos.

xoxo ~liz