Maine Senior Photographer {jake}

Another gorgeous Sunday found me at the Fish Ladder in Damariscotta Mills with my latest senior, Jake.
Jake is the quiet sort which always makes me become uber dork to compensate for their quietness... sorry Jake. I tell silly jokes, make dumb comments and observations and basically just make a fool of myself, then again I do that during a normal session.... hmmmm I guess it wasn't Jakes quiet nature afterall. :)

Jake showed up like most boys with four "outfits" which consisted of 2 t-shirts(one of which I nixed right off the bat), a polo shirt and a dress shirt and jeans, the ones he was wearing. I LOVE the fact that boys can come and bring a few shirts and be all good with that being their outfit changes.

Jake had been practicing... probably not really.... BUT he has perfected the "smile for the camera". There is not one bad shot of him in all the photos I took.


I was SO happy when his Mum contacted me and told me Jake had decided to do his photos at the Fish Ladder. It has been a couple of years since I took photos there and I just love all the scenery and the light is just gorgeous there pretty much any time of the day. Thanks Jake!

I know this next picture will not be a favorite with Jake but I just love the expression in his face. He was actually trying to hold back a laugh because Paul was being a big dork!(see it isn't always me being the dorky one)
I am always amazed at what locations will turn out best in a photo, this spot is located alongside the parking lot for the ladder and was really pretty gross to look at but it I think it looks fantastic in the photo.
Thanks so much Jake for choosing me to take your senior photos.

xoxo ~liz

PS if you are looking to get your butt in shape you should absolutely check out Jake's Mum's business Ocean Blue Fitness. She is a great personal trainer and will work you hard but not over your limits and is SO positive about the whole process. If you don't want to go the personal training route she also does group Boot Camp classes and TRX classes(my favorite).