{new year, new resolutions!}

NEW... that is definitely my word for this year. New pricing(coming soon and your gonna like it!), new sessions, new studio and finally a new me!

I started a journey last year to get healthy and lose weight, the get healthy part was more important to me than the lose weight but I'm not going to lie, I do enjoy a thinner body. Thanksgiving hit and my whole healthy eating and exercising went down the tubes.. I just let myself eat whatever I wanted and sit on my bum when I wanted from Thanksgiving to now. EEK! And let me tell you I am feeling it, SO I am jumping back on that horse and I thought maybe some of you out there would like to join me. :)

I don't want things to be too extreme or to change things so drastically that I can't maintain that level of commitment for the rest of my life. I think slow and steady wins the race everytime, even though there are many times I wish that were not the case(like when I want 10 lbs. gone NOW! lol).

Just what is it I propose be done? How about a monthly challenge, one that we will build on every month to the end of the year and at the end of that year we will be a healthier better us! I will start a facebook group where we can bounce ideas off each other, share our successes and bemoan our chocolate binges(everyone deserves one of those every now and then!). A support network for the hard work ahead. :)

Are you in? If so just shoot me a quick email or leave a comment here in the comment section and we will get down to business.

This months challenge: Drink all of your water everyday! That's 8, 8oz glasses everyday and an extra 8oz glass for every beverage you enjoy that contains caffine. I promise you this will make you feel amazing and like you have to run to the bathroom every half hour, but still amazing!

Also join an online diet(I hate that word) site, I use www.sparkpeople.com and find out your optimum calorie intake, and track your calories daily. You don't have to start eating within those guidelines... heck even that site just wants you to track your calories for the first week or so just so you have an idea of where you are in terms of what you are eating and where your calories are coming from. 

EASY right?! just drink water and track your calories. By the end of the month I bet you will be feeling like a new person(see there's that word again!).

BIG HUGE DISCLAIMER I am not a doctor or a nutritionist. You should check with your doctor before you start any kind of diet or exercise plan.

And because I can't have a post without a picture.... the picture that made me see just how out of control I had gotten.