Maine Family Photographer {winter portraits}

I met up with Christina and her family on a beautiful little patch of rock down by the the middle of winter we were a bit concerned about the cold but it was gorgeous and sunny and not a lick of wind. 

I always say that my favorite time of year to take photographs is the winter... the landscape is so much more interesting and the light is soft and just perfect...if you are thinking about family portraits, think about doing them this month, you will love the results!

I generally advise against black in photos.. because it can be a bit harsh but I LOVE these outfits! I love Maddy's scarf and Christina's sweater( I want one) and I love that Andy's sweater is just a tone off of black and the interest that the stripe on Colin's sweater brings to the whole thing... seriously fabulous job Christina!

I always get the 'everyone look at smile' shots because it's what people want, me too... but what I really love in family portraits is the interaction between them, the moments when they are being silly or when they are listening to each other those are my favorites!

This is about all we saw of Colin when he wasn't being made to sit and look a the camera.
While Maddy was perfectly happy to do this.

I asked Andy and Christina if they wanted a photo of just them... while they were hesitant the kids were all for it!
...because behind every great man is a great woman!

Thanks to you all for a great session, it's always great to catch up with you!
xoxo ~liz

PS Your kids are kind of amazing.. just thought you should know. :)