Maine Senior Photographer {kaydie}

Kaydie has agreed to be a Senior Model for me, representing the class of 2013!
Being a Windy Hill model she gets to be the very first senior session for her class.

We spent a very chilly 45 minutes out on Main St. taking photos. I love our quaint little town with it's picturesque Main St.

You can see the evidence of the actual season up there on the sidewalks, all that white stuff sprinkled around on the ground is salt... Kaydie was a superstar and pretending she wasn't actually freezing her heinie off!
See....she looks like she's hanging out in beautiful 70 degree weather, not 30 degrees and windy.
We even saw peeks of spring.... the magnolia tree in the courtyard has big old buds on it and will be blooming before we know it!
We found this red door where the local mexican take out used to be...perfection!
Just hanging out on the fire escape... you know a typical day in the life :P
You know another thing I love about Main St.? My studio! We decided to leave the cold and wind and go enjoy a bit of sun and warmth for a few more shots in the studio. :)

Thank you SO much Kaydie... you are amazing!

Class of 2013(that's you Juniors!) book now for you senior photos, most deadlines for yearbooks are much sooner than you might think and my spots book up fast in the later summer. Book between now and the end of March and receive a free set of wallets! If you know Kaydie ask her about her session, she might just have a little something for you!

If you are a Junior from a high school other than Lincoln Academy and want to sign up to be a Windy Hill Model contact me for more information. Windy Hill models get a mini session as well as their full session free and can earn their entire senior collection for free as well!