Maine Family Photographer {play together}

Meet S (aka Mom), J(aka Dad), M(aka big son) and C(aka little son)... the most fun family I have had the pleasure of photographing.  Watching Mom and Dad with their two boys was such a pleasure, they obviously loved to play together and they are so involved and so present in M and C's lives... these are two very lucky and loved little boys.
M was a bit, shall we say hesitant, to meet me at first. He wanted nothing to do with photos and spent a good 20 minutes peeking at me from around the side of the house. Busting out my best cajoling moves did nothing to break his tough "don't want to" exterior... my good friend Pez however eventually did the trick!
Well Pez and a little alone time with Dad.

Meanwhile C was happy as a clam playing in his sandbox...I would be too if I had one of those cool digger, bucket loader thingymajigs!

Once M started to come around we tried getting a few family photos, always the hardest to get with young children, most turn out something like this...
...and that's OK because isn't that exactly what life is all about with two small boys?

At this point C was having fun with Dad and pretty used to me and my camera, M however was still a bit hesitant and was pretty OK with telling me " I just don't feel like pictures right now"... that was until I asked him what his favorite words was. His face lit up and he yelled at the top of his lungs "buttcheeks!" and laughed like a fiend! And all was good from that point forward... I jumped around yelling "stinky buttcheeks" or "who has stinky buttcheeks?" (I have no shame when it comes to getting smiles from reluctant kiddos) and it worked, I think we're pretty much best friends now. :)
Besides yelling buttcheeks at the top of his lungs M also enjoys playing pirate, I am right there with him, I mean any chance to break out the ARrrrrr and the YoHoHo and I am there!
Of course C had to get in on the action so we went to their secret pirate hideout to look for invading pirates coming in from the high seas!
Then back to the ship for one last sail before our next adventure!
Then we were off(remember these are two busy little boys) to the field next door to learn all about blowing dandylions!
I LOVE this photo, the look on Dad's face is priceless, and I can still hear the laughter of the two boys as they implemented their plan!
Let's end on another of my favorite photos, a hug between brothers. Awwwww

Thank you so much S and J for sharing your home and your children with me, it was so much fun!

xoxo ~liz

PS Paul and I kept turning to each other and yelling "buttcheeks!" all weekend long and we thought it was equally as hysterical as M did. LOL