Maine Fashion Photographer {veronica & betty}

All week I have been hinting at a secret project I had been working on and today I get to reveal what the secret project is!

You may remember Emery and her fabulous jewelry from this post.... well she has been up to some more creating and I got to photograph it again!

First let's meet Emery owner of the amazing Etsy shop Veronica & Betty... don't you LOVE that name?

Here is what Emery has to say about Veronica & Betty
"A stylish bright, bold collection of handcrafted couture womens dresses and handbags. These playful pieces will bring a pop of color to your wardrobe. My designs are made with high quality materials with an emphasis on fabulous fabric designs & color."

You want to see what it's all about now don't you! Let's just start with this amazing dress.

Beauty and talent all in one amazing lady.... that dress she is wearing, yeah, she designed that, no biggie just whipped it up in her spare time. Actually that dress she custom made for the New York Times best selling author of the Ghost Girl series, Tonya Hurley. If you have a tween to young teenage girl in your house or if you are a tween to young teenage girl, go and get yourselves all three of these books and why not check out her website too!

Want to see more of what has been affectionately dubbed the "ghost girl" dress...

I mentioned the jewelry too, right? Here are a couple shots of what it looks like on.

Oh and look it's my beautiful daughter Lilia and her equally beautiful friend Nettie! Love these girls and love that they are willing to model for me.
 It was windy and not all that warm the day we had decided to do the shoot, the girls were rockstars, I will have to bust out the outtakes in a later post so you can see just how cold they were.

These dresses are amazing and look great layered with jeans or leggings or all on their own.

She also makes this fun totally functional and stylish bags.... and let's face it who doesn't love a pretty bag?!

The Veronica & Betty line also offers tops in gorgeous fabrics that are just perfect for pairing with jeans.
Emery knows just how to pick colors and patterns that are fun and bold but totally wearable...both Lilia and Nettie are very fair and often cannot wear such bright colors but these just look amazing on them both! And of course Emery with her beautiful olive complexion looks amazing too, in the same print as my very fair skinned daughter.

I always look for versatility in my clothing, I want to be able to wear it for as many seasons as possible and to as many different occasions as possible. These shirts and dresses are perfect for going out for the evening or going to the grocery store. AND what I love most you can pair the shirts or dresses with a cute cardigan or jean jacket and you can easily wear it in spring or fall and without the extra layer these are gorgeous summer pieces. Win/win!

How much do you want that grey dress? I think the fabric is perfection and another great thing about these dresses... anyone can wear them size 0... size 14, no problem, they are made to make all body types look amazing!
I have to take a little break right here and just say, these are probably my favorite photos of Lilia and Nettie together, both girls are getting ready to graduate from 8th grade and I truly hope that their friendship will last them through a lifetime.
And cute clothes don't hurt. :D

So there you have it, the super secret project of the week, that was really more Emery's than mine.
Don't forget to check out her Etsy site and grab yourself an original Veronica & Betty.

xoxo ~liz