Maine Children's Photographer {oh it's you}

I have been emailing back and forth with a lovely woman about a session with her two beautiful daughter's, E 18mos. and A 5wks. We decided on a date and time and she sent me her address. The day of the session came and I headed off to meet her at her home, when I got there  familiar face opened the door and me being my suave, super smooth self I said "OH! it's you". Turns out she and her husband are good friends of my younger brother and we have hung with them many times at his house, I even have a picture of them(well the whole group of us) on my fridge! It certainly is a small world. :) 

E and A are absolutely precious! A slept the entire time I was there and E kept me entertained with her amazing impression of a monkey.

I just had to post a small sneak peek for Jen and Matt(ha I remembered! and I didn't call you John) because I just couldn't wait until their ordering session. :D

Don't you just want to smoosh those little cheeks!?!

If this gives you baby fever raise your hand!  She is irresistable and was SO good I moved her all around and she would just settle right in and go right back to sleep.

Matt and Jen thank you so much for trusting me with the portraits of your two gorgeous girls. E had me cracking up as I was going through the photos this morning, such a little ham!

xoxo ~liz