Mid Coast Maine Photographer {thank you }

It has been a week of highs and lows, the highs were amazing and the low(really there was only one) was LOW. Let me talk about the low first and get that out of the way... most of you know that my camera bag was taken this week my stomach has been in knots ever since I realized it was gone. :( But there are bright spots in this situation one being that my camera and one lens were strapped to my wrist SO I can still take photos, it may be a bit harder to do what I need to do but I am a 'make do with what you have' kind of girl and I will continue to create because it is what I truly LOVE to do!

Another bright spot has been the amazing amount of support I have received since word of this got out, you all have been the most generous, kindhearted, thoughtful group of people I have ever known! I cannot convey how much it has meant to me to see so many of you try and help get my bag and gear back, to see so many of you send me well wishes and good thoughts...just knowing that so many people care, that so many people have really felt for me has been one of the best gifts of my life.
My gear is replaceable, it will take me a long time to earn it all back, but I will, what is not replaceable is all of you, every single person who has shown me support this week, you are an unmeasurable force in my life and I am so VERY grateful to you.

Now the highs and they have been many and truly some of the best things in my life!
These three kiddos have made me so proud this last week!

Gavin, my middle son, has struggled mightly with school( and we right along with him LOL), traditional public school is just not the right fit for him. For the past nine years getting him to school and getting him to do what needs to be done has been much like pounding a square peg through a round hole...try it some time, you'll see... it has been a source of strife and stress for us and mostly for him. It has shaped who is and not for the positive. Back in January we found a new school that sounded like the perfect fit for him. Maine Academy of Natural Science a school dedicated to sustainable agriculture and forestry where there is as much outside in nature learning as there is in the classroom learning. This week we got the letter of acceptance for the fall of 2012! Gavin will be able to explore his interests and truly shine as the amazing kid he is! We are so happy for him and so very grateful to the school for seeing the possibility in him that we see.

Lilia my youngest and only daughter has been competing in gymnastics for as long as she could walk almost. This year she was given the Laurie Sbrilli Outstanding Gymanst award by her coaches. She and two other girls on her team were recognized because of their hard work that led to their team winning 1st place for Prep Op Advanced at States, this year. We are so proud of how far she has come and know that she will continue to amaze us with her talent, passion and drive for this sport.

And then there is Grady. Grady my oldest son graduated from Lincoln Academy last night! I am a proud parent of a Lincoln Academy alumni. He is off to Johnson & Wales in the fall to study culinery arts and I know that he will conquer that with same amount of drive and determination he did high school.

Because I know I can't write a whole long post without at least one more picture, here is Paul and Grady and I last night at graduation. I would like to say they were standing uphill from me but alas I must face facts, I truly am THAT short. :)

And lastly I had two of my images chosen for the Viewers Choice contest at The Savvy Photographer blog I am so honored to be included with so many amazing photographers! If you feel so inclined you can click the link and vote for my images #13 in Weddings(the gorgeous wedding of Holly and Adam Nelson) and #19 in Pets(the fabulous Ms. Poppy).

So yes there is bad in the world, there are people who will not do the right thing but there is so much good, so much to be thankful for and so many wonderful people to know and love. It takes a few bad people to show us how many truly beautiful, kind and just plain good people there are. And trust me when I say that if I learned nothing else this week it is this, while there is bad in the world there is SO much more good!
You have all humbled me with your support and I can only say Thank You and live my life in a way that shows how much I truly appreciate it.