Maine Event Photographer {lindsay's birthday celebration}

I took a chance on Lindsay and she on me... I followed a lead through a craig's list like site that connects service professionals with people who are in need of their services. I generally pass by most posts because they are either too far away or not looking for my type of photography but Lindsay's post piqued my interest. So I paid the 2.99 lead fee and contacted her... best 2.99 I have ever spent!
Lindsay hired me, even after a disasterous overseas call that ended with me having to hang up on her  yelling into my phone "I am so sorry, I can't hear you, I hope you can hear me!" . Can I just say I was mortified, seriously moritified... I went immediately to my computer and emailed a long winded apology(what me long winded? peeshaw!) and hoped that she would see through my low tech ways and hire me anyway... because even though I could only hear every other word, and those were broken up, she sounded like a fun girl. A few days later she emailed me with her decision and I was HAPPY!
The day of the party arrived, Paul and I hopped in the car and drove the hour and half to her folks cabin on the lake. I tentively walked up to the porch and asked if Lindsay was there and was immediately welcomed by her Dad ( who was smoking a pipe, I love the smell of pipe smoke) and then was taken to her by her boyfriend. Still a bit nervous but feeling better by the second I walked into the kitchen to one of the biggest smiles I have ever seen( one of Lindsay's girlfriends) and from that point forward I knew it was going to be a good night.
Then I saw this! *swoon* *faint* this Lindsay, whoever she is(I still hadn't met her) sure knows her way into a photographer's heart!
At this point I am starting to have small seizures of joy(it's a thing!) and then I met Lindsay, all dressed for her birthday party, I might have blacked out, I don't know I just know that I could not have created a more perfect night myself right down to her dress. This was meant to be.

And the details, I could have photographed the details all night long. <3
Lindsay printed off all of these pictures of the guests attending her party from other events, other times in their lives and made copies so that each guest could take their photos home with them. Such an amazing idea!

The thing I love most about being a photographer is getting to meet so many new people, being invited into their lives, even if it is only for a few hours on a steamy July evening, to capture their memories, the precious moments spent with family and friends, it is an honor and the very best part of my job! (I like run on sentences with too many commas.. you wanna make something of it?)
The evening started with drinks on the deck...

I got to go out on their boat and take a few photos of everyone on the dock... such a treat for me, I LOVE being on the water, if I could I would live there. Thank You for giving me that little boat ride. :)
Then back to dry land for some big group shots...
And then she broke out her secret break the ice weapons(her plan was devious, first give everyone a drink THEN do this!)
There were small moments captured
and lots of laughs to be had

There was Peanie the pinata, whose final moments I was honored to document... later on in the evening Peanie gave his life for betterment of the party and was whacked to death.
There was dinner and it was at this point that I leaned over to Paul and said " I want my 40th birthday to be just like this... even if we have to wait until July to do it, this is what I want!"

and a beautiful blessing

and champagne

and champagne toasts

and finally cake... with sparklers!
Thank you so much Lindsay for taking that leap and hiring me and letting me share in your evening. It was absolutely perfect!
xoxo ~liz