Maine Senior Photographer {bridget}

I met up with Bridget at my favorite spot for photographs, the DRA, and as always it did not disappoint in light or locations to use. Bridget did not disappoint either, with a trunk full of clothes including a beautiful prom dress I was pretty much in photographer heaven. 

I think she may have been a little bit nervous to start but it didn't stop her from rocking the session right from the beginning!
She was posing like a pro and totally understanding my half gesture, half "this way, no that way" posing directions with ease. 
LOVE this photo... her Mom had just said something to her and she quickly looked up and laughed. <3

 I always get just a little bit giddy when a senior girl tell me they brought a prom dress.. add to that the fantastic location and then the gorgeousness of this dress... *sigh*... I may have gotten a bit carried away with photos. :)
SO beautiful!
We left the DRA and headed for Main St. another of my most favorite locations... again there are just so many great places to use. By this time we were losing the light and clouds had moved in so we were working quickly but we still got a ton of shots! 

Any shoot that I do on Main St always ends with photos on the docks, this time was no different!
and the sun peaked out at exactly the right moment, the last shot of the night!
Thank you so much Samantha and Bridget for trusting me with your senior photos, it was great to meet you both!

xoxo ~liz