Maine Wedding Photographer {rod & jessie partII}

The long awaited partII of Rod and Jessie's wedding!
The ceremony was held on their property in the trees right next to a little babbling brook(stream, river.. you get the drift). My oldest brother was the officiant and created a lovely and funny ceremony that was absolutely perfect for Rod and Jessie.

Jessie was a bit nervous and I think, so was her Dad.
Love the bright pink bridesmaids dresses.
Just taking a walk through the forrest with our high heels, no biggie.
This was a bit treacherous and I was in sandals.. I can't imagine doing it in thos fab shoes!

Jessie wanted to be sure I got Rod's face when he first saw her.... and lucky enough I could get her face just moments later. <3
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE... so much happiness in this photo!
His vows, her vows.
exchanging rings, Blake made sure to hold on to those rings until just the right time.

Finally married!
 The tent and all their guests in the background.
And I love that they let me use the tractor in the background of their photo :)

So there you have the ceremony but there was still more going on... look for PartIII coming soon :D