Maine Senior Photographer { jordan }

Jordan has been waiting for quite awhile for her blog post and finally it's here!

I met Jordan and her grandmother in South Bristol, at one of the prettiest little spots around. It's a private piece of property but lucky for Jordan her grandmother knows some people so we got to have her session there!
Jordan's sister is one of the very first seniors I did, 4 years ago! And then I took her cousin's photos 2 years ago and now it's her turn. :)


Clearly Jordan rocked it right from the get go!
Not only does this lovely little spot have tons of fields and wildflowers but a sweet little rocky beach and a tiny little harbor with boats bobbing at their moorings.

Every session I end up with one favorite photo, Jordan this is my favorite, love the expression on your face and the way the light is shining in your hair and the twinkle in your eye... love it!
Thank you so much Jordan, for choosing me to take your senior photos!