Maine Wedding Photographer {rod & jessie part I}

Rod and Jessie, aka my little brother and my new sister in law, were married August 11th and I got to photograph the whole event!
I always like to contrast how the guys get ready as opposed to the girls.

The guys were doing this...

and if you are wondering that is one half of their wedding feast in that photo up there, mr. pig didn't stand a chance against the massive smoker that was brought in. It was so heavy that they rigged up a remote control to open and close the can see Rod demonstrating that while partaking in a bit of the "high life".
Meanwhile the girls had been at this for hours...

It took the guys all of 30 minutes to iron their shirts put on their ties(which Jessie made!) and get their photos taken. We are a serious bunch if you can't tell. I especially love Rod and my older brother Andrew holding hands.
The girls were just getting Jessie into her dress...

Notice Jessie is still preparing even as she is walking out to meet her Dad. :)

PartII, aka the pretty post coming soon!

xoxo ~liz