Maine Family Photographer {blake & lucas}

Yesterday in the glorious late afternoon light of fall I got to photograph my two favorite nephews. We had planned on a beach session but when Jessie(my sister in law and mom to the boys) called and said she wanted to use a bed in their shoot I knew the perfect place! It wasn't the beach... can you imagine hauling a bed out onto the beach? gah! ... but a gorgeous field that is filled with amazing golden light.
Jessie and I texted back and forth all day long, me with "hey bring this too!" and her with " the truck is full but should I bring?..."
The time came and we quickly set the bed up and put the boys in their jammies and this is what happened...

Blake(the older brother) LOVES Lucas(the little brother) and Lucas loves him back but does prefer a little space in that love. LOL
We gave them play swords and let them do their thing... the swords may have been one of the things I texted Jessie to bring, she probably thought I was nuts, but I had a plan(sort of!). :D

Maine Family Photographer jumping on the bed little boys field sunset.jpg

The bed was a huge hit but the sun was going down and Jessie and I had lots more ideas! A quick change of clothes and a radio flyer wagon and we were ready!
There are so many more shots of this, Blake pulling Lucas, Lucas pulling Blake but I think this pretty much sums up these two boys.

Maine Family Photographer brothers radio flyer pose funny faces.jpg

I got head of myself just a bit there... in between the wagon and the bed were the superheros! Is there anything cuter than a little boy, wind whipping through his hair, shirtless with a super hero cape billowing out behind him? I don't think so! Unless it's maybe said boy with cape followed closely by his little brother on a hobby horse!

Maine Family Photographer superhero brothers field sunset.jpg

Seriously did you just melt into a huge puddle of Awwwwwwwwwwwww, I know I did! And lucky me since they are my nephews I don't have to feel weird about printing these off for me to keep. :D
Of course in between all of this I was making sure to get photos of the boys all by themselves. They are the cutest little boys around(cause my little boys aren't little boys anymore hehe).

Maine Family Photographer little boy fishing radio flyer field sunset peeking out window.jpg
Maine Family Photographer little boy field fall sweater duck call.jpg

At the end of the session as the sun was dipping below the trees, we headed for the last little patch of sunlight, binocular and duck call firmly in hand or mouth whatever the case may be, and we called for ducks and looked at planes and generally had a grand adventure.

Maine Kids Photographer boy field sunset fall colors duck hunting binoculars.jpg
Maine Kids Photographer boys will be boys looking for ducks field sunset baby boy.jpg
Maine kids photographer brothers duck call binoculars field sunset haze flare.jpg

Jessie thanks so much for coming out and being crazy...errrr....awesome with me. There are so many more, I had the hardest time deciding which ones to post!

If you aren't Jessie and you would like a photographic pictorial of your own grand adventure, give me a call or email and let's talk!