Hey There

It's been a long time! Life has taken a few twists and turns, nothing major, mostly not unexpected but enough to have me take a few steps back from the blog and give myself some time to adjust.

Since I've been gone:

We lost this girl :(

She contracted Lyme disease at some point last spring and it was too much for her little body, the disease attacked her kidney's. She passed here at home in Paul's arms. To say we were heartbroken would be an understatement. Her passing really took the creative wind right out of my sails.

Izzy loves Dadders.jpg
Maine Pet Photographer black lab.jpg

This boy went off to college. My mummy heart was still dealing with the passing of Izzy and then we were carting Grady off to move into his first place(dorm room) away from home.

Grady Off to College.jpg

This girl started high school!

My youngest is a freshman in high school.

Lilia winter 2012.jpg

This girl joined our family.

The weekend after taking Grady to Johnson & Wales in Providence, RI, we drove down to Logan Airport and picked up Ms. Meggy Moo. Our home was just not complete with one dog. Big HUGE thank you's to Susan who graciously allowed Meg to come and live with us.


This boy went off to a new boarding school.

Gavin started his sophmore year at MeANS. He stays there 4 days a week and is home for the weekends.

Gavin Rooftop.jpg

This girl got knocked up, with a little help from her breeder.

We wouldn't want anyone to think Ms. Doodles did this to herself. :P

Poppy Christmas Photos 2 facebook.jpg

Said same girl delivered these beutiful little things.

Poppy Puppies3.jpg

Eight beautiful labrador puppies! They stayed here for 9 weeks and then went on to their new homes. Well most of them did anyway... we are keeping;

This girl!

Meet Ms. Violet aka Lettie.

Violet Week4 FB.jpg
Violet Week4-2 bw FB.jpg

And this other little black girl, Lucy, she's staying with us until her new family get's back from their family vacation, so she is here until the middle of May! For the time being I have twins!

Pynk and Violet FB.jpg

These little puppies have helped heal my heart, I am feeling invigorated and ready to head into my busy season with a new love of this thing called photography. I can't wait to photograph the few weddings I have booked, I am excited to meet new clients and reconnect with clients who I have known for a few years now. Thank you all for your patience as I navigated this past few months and took the time needed to adjust to my new life as the mother of adult and almost adult kids and took on this new adventure of puppy raiser. :)

I am revamping a few things, will be offering some new sessions and am booking dates quickly for the spring and summer months. Stay tuned this is going to be fun!