Maine Wedding Photographer {reid & kelly 2013}

You know at a wedding when they have you write down your suggestions for a happy marriage? I never know what to say... I think I have a pretty happy marriage but I struggle to put into words how we have managed the last 19 years without killing each other. I usually put something cliche like "never go to bed angry" or "always show your partner you appreciate them", valid pieces of advice to be sure but they never feel truthful to me. If you have read this blog before you know two things for sure about me, I LOVE first dance photos and I have a difficult time putting words to paper(or screen as the case may be).  I have finally figured out what I need to be able to truthfully, authentically give my advice, photos... of the first dance to be precise. So here goes, my advice for a long and happy marriage.

Be romantic... like all out cheesy cliche romantic every once in awhile. (not that there is anything cheesy or cliche about this but you know.... do the flowers for no reason or his favorite dinner just because)

Maine Wedding Photographer First Dance Dip and Kiss.jpg

Everyday look at her like she is the most beautiful woman in the world(even when she has just woke up and didn't remove her mascara from the day before and her hair is standing up in every direction but the right one).

Maine Wedding Photographer contented sole first dance groom looks at bride.jpg

Look at him like he is the best thing that ever happened to you(even when you think you might never want to see his face again, especially then).

Maine Wedding Photographer Bride Looks at Groom First Dance.jpg

Surround yourselves with people who love you and support you.

Maine Wedding Photographer Family First Dance.jpg

Kiss everyday like it's your wedding day.

Maine Wedding Photographer First Kiss First Dance The Contented Sole.jpg



PS Congratulations Reid and Kelly! Next up the rest of your wedding day!