Maine Family Photographer {blue skies}

If you live here in Maine, really anywhere in the Northeast, you know that we have not had the most ideal summer up to now.  As we drew near to the day Hannah and her family were supposed to meet me for their session, both Hannah and I were keeping a close eye on the weather. At first it was only a 30% chance of clouds with lightening(you know you say the same thing when you look at your weather app on your phone), then it was a 30% chance of clouds with raindrops... things were getting worse and then the last check just the day before we were at a 60% chance of what I can only call sheets of water. We decided we probably better reschedule, so we decided to meet the following Monday and hoped that it would at least not rain.  We got lucky! Not only did it not rain the day dawned sunny and bright and barely a cloud in the sky. Ahhh thank you weather gods!

We started out with family photos including Grandmum and Granddad... 

maine family photographer blue sky 2 generations.jpg

 Just look at those gorgeous skies and this amazing location! It's places like this that always make me so thankful to live in Maine.

mid coast maine family photographer beach morning.jpg

 This little guy had the most amazing eyes I have ever seen! He was really not all that impressed with me but Mum and Dad kept him smiling.

mid coast maine baby photographer big eyes.jpg

 Yeah I know what you're thinking and yes they really are that gorgeous!

mid coast maine family photographer beach.jpg

*sigh* that is all *sigh*

Maine Family Photographer father and son coast blue sky.jpg

this is just pure love and happiness

Maine child photographer mother and son midcoast.jpg
Coastal Maine Family Photographer happy baby.jpg

He loved swooping up and down in his Daddy's arms... he would grin and grin and then I would go to click the shutter and *boom* the smile would be gone. Funny little guy! 

Maine child photographer baby profile.jpg

 and finally... it just doesn't get any cuter than this!

Maine Baby Photographer surprise baby blue.jpg