Maine Family Photographer {worth the wait}

Ashley and I have been trying to do this session for the past two weeks but our schedules and the weather just didn't want to cooperate, finally last night the planets aligned and mother nature shined down on us and we were able to meet for her session.

She brought her two adorable little ones, Ava who asks lots of really great questions and LOVES her baby brother like crazy and Cole who was a bit uncertain about me but was the most agreeable peaceful little guy I have had the pleasure to photograph.

The weather was beautiful, not too hot, not too cool a gentle breeze blew up across the fields of the DRA and the skies gave us a show that couldn't be beat!

Maine Family Photography siblings summer evening sunset.jpg

Ava was a great photographer's assitant and helped me make sure Cole was looking where he needed to and she was pretty much the only person there who could make him smile big. 

maine family photographer field sunset sister and brother red wagon.jpg

It might have taken us awhile to get together but is was SO worth the wait!

Ashley thank you so much for trusting me with your family's photos, I loved getting to know you all and chatting with Ava!