Best of 2013 {grooms}

It's only fair if I show you all those gorgeous brides I have to show you their equally handsome grooms. This is a great group of guys who were so much fun and I am so lucky  to have gotten to spend some time with on their big day(because it's their day too!).

Justin is the other half of Sarah...I loved meeting him and his family! Photographing an elopement was a first for me, it did however end up not being quite an elopement since the parents and siblings decided they weren't going to miss out on this momentous occasion.


Meet Reid, he is super fun outgoing kind of guy who clearly had the love and respect of all his friends and family. I love the black and white photo of him, his groomsmen and family.. you can feel the emotion in that room.


Chris. He was funny, fun, warm and welcoming as were his groomsmen. I am still unsure exactly what the hot dogs were all about besides, they really like them? and honestly I wasn't asking for the backstory. :D They did make for an interesting photo though.

Chris 2.jpg

Matt was a bit shy at first, he was not thrilled with having his picture taken but I think he got over it by the end of the day, I have that effect on people. :D


Last but not least is Brock, friendly and quiet(I am sure Heather would have something to say about that :D ) and so agreeable  I think I could have asked him to jump off a bridge and for the sake of the photo he totally would have done it.


Again I am so lucky to have met each and every one of you and am so happy you chose Windy Hill Photography to be there for your day.