Best of 2013 {class of 2014}

I had a few senior photo sessions this year but WOW were they amazing! I truly love photographing young adults, they are always up for just about anything and even when they feel a little odd about a pose they do it with a smile on their face. They really enjoy being in front of the camera and that makes my job that much more fun!


Logan is a girl I have known since we moved to Bristol over 13 years ago! And when we moved to our current house she lived just down the road so I have had the pleasure to watch her grow from a little girl to a beautiful young lady. She came to her session ready to rock it out and she succeeded!



Matt is another one I have watched grow from little boy to adulthood, I have watched him play Little League and have seen him in school concerts to seeing him on the road driving. He was not really enthused about his session but we made it work... I was quick and he was cooperative and we got LOTS of great photos for his Mum to choose from.


Lily I met when she was just a tiny thing at preschool with Grady...then we moved a couple towns away and I didn't see her again until she started high school. In my mind she went from adorable preschooler to beautiful high school senior overnight, I am sure it feels the same way to her parents. :) I loved having the chance to get to know her a bit and see what an amazing, beautiful young woman she has become.


My last senior of the year was Niki and she ended my season with a bang! Niki was an absolute delight to photograph, took direction like a pro and made my job easy! Niki also went to school with my kids so she is another one who I have watched grow from Kindergarten to Senior year.
I am so lucky to live in this community where we all know each other and know each others children and we have those lasting connections, the ability to say "I remember when you did that play in 1st grade", it is truly a wonderful experience and I thank all of my seniors for inviting me into their lives, to be a part of this one last piece of their growing up in a small town, before they head off into the big wide world to do amazing, beautiful, truly great things!