Maine Wedding Photographer {dogs}

Dogs at weddings... I LOVE 'em, they are a bit unpredictable but almost always in the sweetest most endearing way.  That said here a few of my favorites over the years! 


This guy, Vegas, was a star as his name might imply. 

I may not remember all the dogs names but I sure do remember their amazing personalities. This guy did not want to leave his mum and dad's side, he was very concerned with what was going on and what the heck I was doing! No worries we were good buddies by the end of the day. 

Remember that time Paul and I flew to MT for the wedding of Jake and Nicole? This is Riley, their adorable goldendoodle  who was SO happy to see them after the ceremony!

This guy was a happy tail wagging baby! He spent the day going from person to person getting love and attention... just look at that face! 

This lovely lady had recently been adopted and needed a bit of alone time before and after the ceremony but she sure did great during our photos! I love that her leash and collar matched the wedding colors and the grooms tie. :)

This is Ben, he is a very dapper boy! Just look at that bow tie. :) He was absolutely adorable during the ceremony, he belly crawled from his place at the end of the groomsmen over to his Dad(the groom) and lay their during the rest of the ceremony. So CUTE!

Last but not least this lovely lady, whose name escapes me right now but who was the sweetest old timer, black lab ever! Her girl(Anna the bride) now lives clear across the country and this was likely the last time Anna was going to see her. I teared up taking these photos, the love between she and Anna was so sweet and strong and beautiful!

See what I mean... dogs and weddings it's a perfect combination. <3