Maine Senior Photographer {camden}

Guys this post is for you... first let me let you in on a little secret.... I know you hate having your picture taken, your Mum knows you hate having your picture taken and really it's OK to not love the process. That said it's just as important for you to have your senior portraits taken as it is your feminine classmates, if not for anyone else do it for your mother! 
You deserve to have these photos to look back on(and you will look back on them) to remember this time in your life. Don't skip out on them simply because you hate having your photos taken.

Here is what I can promise you: 

  • I will be as quick as possible. 

  • You do not have to change clothes but you can if you choose.

  • I will not make you do any pose that you think will make you look silly.

  • I will make you laugh with my really bad jokes.  

  • You will leave realizing it wasn't nearly as bad as you thought it was going to be.

  • Your mum and dad and loved ones will be so happy to have photos of you.

  • You can choose the location/s that mean something to you... or not and I can recommend a few great locations.

Camden met up with me for his photos because his mother really wanted them done. It took us 45 minutes start to finish and he didn't even have to change his clothes, easy, quick and look at that face... he might even say it was just a little bit fun. 

Click that contact me button up there ^^^ to find out more information about senior sessions and how to book and you can read this blog post that has answers to a few really common questions. :)
PS if you are a guy and you love having your photos taken that is great, I can totally work with you too!