Maine Wedding Photographer {surprise proposal- Pemaquid Point Lighthouse}

I had the absolute pleasure of photographing a surprise proposal this past summer at Pemaquid Point Lighthouse. Jeff(the father of the lovely young lady, Jessica, being proposed to) contacted me to photograph his family while they vacationed in Maine, but there was a twist...his daughter's boyfriend would be asking her to marry him while they were there. A surprise proposal, at one of my all time favorite places in Maine and it happened to be right in my backyard? Heck yes I wanted in! 
We planned for a few weeks, with covert phone calls made when Jessie wouldn't be around so Jeff could talk without tipping her off. The day came and the session started like any other family session, pleasantries exchanged we walked out on the rocks and started taking their family photos. 

Might I inject here that there really is nothing compared to an amazing summer day in Maine...nothing in the world can be more perfect than that. 

Once we had gotten all the family photos done(and yes they included Garrett, the soon to be fiance) we did a few of Mom and Dad and brother and sister and then I asked if Jessie and Garrett wanted a few together. Mom jumped right in and said what a great idea that was and so we got them set up and started taking photos of just the two of them. 

Pemaquid Point Lighthouse proposal about to propose photo

In the second photo here you can see Garrett reaching into his pocket, Jessie is still clueless as to what was happening. hehe

It just got real! He got down on one knee(awwwww) and honestly I don't know what he said, I was back a bit from them(I wanted them to have a bit of privacy) but as soon as he dropped down she knew exactly what was happening and it was quite clear what the answer was going to be. 

People all around were stopping to watch the proceedings, smiles plastered to their faces as the happiness of the newly engaged couple was so evident! 

She was very definitely surprised and very definitely happy! Garrett I think was both very happy she said yes and very happy to have it done, poor guy was SO nervous. 

We ended the session as it began with a new family photo... not a dry eye in the house, including the photographer. ;) 

Best Wishes for an amazing future as husband and wife!