Maine Wedding Photographer {surprise proposal- Pemaquid Point Lighthouse}

I had the absolute pleasure of photographing a surprise proposal this past summer at Pemaquid Point Lighthouse. Jeff(the father of the lovely young lady, Jessica, being proposed to) contacted me to photograph his family while they vacationed in Maine, but there was a twist...his daughter's boyfriend would be asking her to marry him while they were there. A surprise proposal, at one of my all time favorite places in Maine and it happened to be right in my backyard? Heck yes I wanted in! 
We planned for a few weeks, with covert phone calls made when Jessie wouldn't be around so Jeff could talk without tipping her off. The day came and the session started like any other family session, pleasantries exchanged we walked out on the rocks and started taking their family photos. 

Might I inject here that there really is nothing compared to an amazing summer day in Maine...nothing in the world can be more perfect than that. 

Once we had gotten all the family photos done(and yes they included Garrett, the soon to be fiance) we did a few of Mom and Dad and brother and sister and then I asked if Jessie and Garrett wanted a few together. Mom jumped right in and said what a great idea that was and so we got them set up and started taking photos of just the two of them. 

Pemaquid Point Lighthouse proposal about to propose photo

In the second photo here you can see Garrett reaching into his pocket, Jessie is still clueless as to what was happening. hehe

It just got real! He got down on one knee(awwwww) and honestly I don't know what he said, I was back a bit from them(I wanted them to have a bit of privacy) but as soon as he dropped down she knew exactly what was happening and it was quite clear what the answer was going to be. 

People all around were stopping to watch the proceedings, smiles plastered to their faces as the happiness of the newly engaged couple was so evident! 

She was very definitely surprised and very definitely happy! Garrett I think was both very happy she said yes and very happy to have it done, poor guy was SO nervous. 

We ended the session as it began with a new family photo... not a dry eye in the house, including the photographer. ;) 

Best Wishes for an amazing future as husband and wife! 

Maine Senior Photographer {camden}

Guys this post is for you... first let me let you in on a little secret.... I know you hate having your picture taken, your Mum knows you hate having your picture taken and really it's OK to not love the process. That said it's just as important for you to have your senior portraits taken as it is your feminine classmates, if not for anyone else do it for your mother! 
You deserve to have these photos to look back on(and you will look back on them) to remember this time in your life. Don't skip out on them simply because you hate having your photos taken.

Here is what I can promise you: 

  • I will be as quick as possible. 

  • You do not have to change clothes but you can if you choose.

  • I will not make you do any pose that you think will make you look silly.

  • I will make you laugh with my really bad jokes.  

  • You will leave realizing it wasn't nearly as bad as you thought it was going to be.

  • Your mum and dad and loved ones will be so happy to have photos of you.

  • You can choose the location/s that mean something to you... or not and I can recommend a few great locations.

Camden met up with me for his photos because his mother really wanted them done. It took us 45 minutes start to finish and he didn't even have to change his clothes, easy, quick and look at that face... he might even say it was just a little bit fun. 

Click that contact me button up there ^^^ to find out more information about senior sessions and how to book and you can read this blog post that has answers to a few really common questions. :)
PS if you are a guy and you love having your photos taken that is great, I can totally work with you too! 


Maine Wedding Photographer |Bethel, ME| {keith & charity}

Keith and Charity were married in Bethel at The 1888 Barn, a beautiful new barn venue just down the road from Sunday River. 
The 1888 features not only a barn for your reception but also has a gorgeous house for you to get ready in right on the property as well, with plenty of room for the bride and groom to get ready and have family and friends helping out. 

The suite Charity had to get ready was bright and cheery and perfect for a bride getting ready. 

Charity was surrounded by her friends and family and love.... lots and lots of love!

Maine Wedding Photographer Bethel 1888 Barn Flower Girl

Charity's Mum first seeing her.... the love, the excitement, the perfect moment.

Meanwhile the guys were downstairs getting ready and getting Keith's boys ready for their big moment as ring bearers. One of the boys got dirt in his eye earlier and poor little guy was having a hard time but he was such a trooper! The other little guy was full of spunk and energy and could barely contain his excitement. 

Keith discovered that his suit jacket and vest did not come with a shirt(OH NO!), he was downstairs worrying that Charity was going to be mad. Meanwhile Charity had been told what was going on and she was worrying that Keith was going to be mad at her, she didn't realize the shirt didn't come with the vest and jacket and neither did Keith. Keith's brother stepped in and found a shirt for Keith to wear and the day was saved! I love that neither was mad at each other but more worried about their partner isn't that what marriage is all about facing all the little bumps in the road and wanting to be sure the other person is happy. <3 

I love that Keith and Charity included the kids in their ceremony with this special little flower ceremony. 

One of their guests pulled out a didgeridoo to entertain the kids while the ceremony moved to cocktail hour and their Dad and new Step Mum were off with me getting their photos taken. They all had a great time taking turns trying out the didgeridoo. 

What a great DIY idea, the stump with bride and groom's initials carved into it. Love this idea!

Another great DIY idea! A small instax camera for guests to take photos of themselves and then stick into your guest book with a message to the newlyweds.&nbsp;

Another great DIY idea! A small instax camera for guests to take photos of themselves and then stick into your guest book with a message to the newlyweds. 

Charity and Keith did a beautiful job of both personalizing their reception and creating a theme that was simply beautiful. Yet another great DIY idea.. a pallet covered with photos of your family and their moments as couples, showing the love that brought you both to this moment! 

I love all the small touches that they used to keep their theme going throughout the Barn.... check out the M(their last initial) on the wall behind table 6 and the C&K on the head table!

such beautiful babies!

I love when brides present a special someone at their wedding with the wedding bouquet, it always means so much to the recipient and what a great way to share the joy and love of your day. 

While Keith and Charity were having their first dance these two cuties decided they needed to join in. 

So much fun! I love when a dance floor is really rocking!

Just as the sun was setting Keith and Charity and I headed down the road to a little spot where the mountains featured in the background and we did a few shots of them away from the hustle and bustle of the reception. 

Thank you so much Keith and Charity! 
xoxo Liz

I forgot to add a big HUGE thank you to Amy of Amy Gauthier Photography for agreeing to shoot the first couple hours of getting ready so that Paul and I could attend our middle child's High School Graduation and let's face it for taking some beautiful photos! (jewelry, boutonnieres, the dress, getting make up done)